BEM FISIP UI Proudly presents :

Inspiring the ART in YOU ..

talkshow photography- music-movie.
NOVEMBER 12th-13th 2008 @ PSJ FIB-UI Depok

we will discover new things and learn from lots of GREATS experts
such as :
– RAY BACHTIAR , SATRIA RAMADHAN and others for the photography
– MARSHALL PLANS , ZEKE (from Zeke and the Popo) , MONDO (from
sore) , TITI SJUMAN and others for the music and movie session

and for the ticket :
> pre sale/reservation (Nov 1st-8th 2008) :
– one day show : Rp 25.000,-
– two days show : Rp 45.000,-

> normal ticket (Nov 8th-13th 2008/ticket box)
– one day show : Rp 30.000,-
– two days show : Rp 55.000,-

for further tickets info please contact : TIRA (0856-9744-9890)

be there ! and inspires the ART in YOU ! =)



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